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Luci Stubbs ( von Koepsel) and Tina Marshall (Mariah)

Our Story

Mariah von Koepsel represents a combined effort of over 40 years experience between Tina Marshall of Mariah and Luci Stubbs of von Koepsel Kennels. We both started out in the 70's in the show ring. 

Mariah Doberman Pinschers- Tina Marshall. Tina has had Dobermans since she was 2 years old with her first being her best friend her dad gave her- a red puppy bitch they named Cleo. Her dads favorite story about that dog was how Cleo lovingly nudged Tina back across the street by the diaper when she wandered out of the yard. Cleo also politely managed to keep herself between Tina and the neighborhood kids anytime she was playing with them or while waiting for the bus for school. Having been trained from a puppy by her dad, Cleo very rarely was on a leash. She followed Tina everywhere and was a huge ambassador for the breed. She passed away at the age of 10. Due to a divorce and remarriage, Tina was not able to have another Dobe until she was an adult. Her husband bought her a male from a pet breeder for their first anniversary. He grew up to be a huge dog with a very sharp temperament that ended up being given to Tina's mother. Later, having a longing for another red female, Tina met Kathy Pollock of Wynterwynd Dobermans and bought co-ownership in a beautiful red girl that went on to become CH Wynterwynds Sun-Sation, AKA Cherry. Cherry taught Tina more than most Dobes can possibly teach their owners aboout showing and thank goodness Kathy Pollock had the patience to put up with Tina through her learning curves! Tina was gung ho so she showed Cherry though thick and thin (even when she was in her immature gangly stage). Cherry got her first point with Tina owner handling her but went on to get her first major with good friend Debbie Frazee and finished with Theresa Nail putting everything else on her. This was back when it took 32 bitches to make a major so it was quite a feat back then! Tina went on to produce a few champions from Cherry and CH Royalmeads Jokers Wild then kept puppies and went on from there. Cherry passed away at 13.5 years old. While Cherry was being shown, Tina had the privilege of being introduced to who is considered to be the father of the breed here in the U.S., Mr. Frank Grover of Barrierdobe kennels. Through this meeting a real friendship grew, but more importantly, Mr. Grover introduced Tina to what would become her very best friend in dogs and life... Luci Stubbs of von Koepsel kennels. While going forward with Cherry and a black female Wynterwynds Wyspring Breeze that did not turn out to show, Tina and Luci became friends with Jim and Ann White of Cambria kennel. Knowing that Tina had children and was very talented at socializing and making the pups the best temperament they could have, Jim and Ann had a litter of 3 pups and asked Tina if she would take one and work with it for them. A little fawn female who was off the hook personality wise. It did not take her long to realize there was nothing wrong with this temperament other than there was probably TOO much personality for most people. JUST WHAT SHE LOVED!  Tina packed that pup up and took her straight to the dog show where she met her BFF Luci and it did not take them long to figure out she was not going back! Luci contacted Jim about purchasing her and she became CH Cambria's Rockette, AKA "Addy". Through this wonderful fawn girl, Tina and Luci met and became fast friends with Mike Penny of Paradigm and Doug Hoffman of Broughcastl Pugs. A bond formed between those four that was to last a lifetime. They co bred Addy to CH Lillys Ode To Apollo which produced 2 top 20 contenders; CH Mariahs Monogram V  Koepsel and his sister CH Mariahs Cosmopolitan V Koepsel as well as two other pointed offspring that were not finished due to Tina's divorce and Mike unfortunately passing away. Doug has had some setbacks health wise, but stays in touch and even arranged for Tina, Luci and Larry to facilitate a breeding for Mr. and Mrs. William Shatner (of Star Trek, Emergency 9-1-1, Boston Legal, etc.) in order to continue with the lines their dog Paradigms Starbucks was from in 2013. They now own Mariahs Espresso v Koepsel. Today Tina, Luci and Larry combine their efforts to produce a litter occasionally with the goal of producing quality animals that can go from show ring to the home as loving companions. We have had our issues over the years when we did outcrosses producing some of the health issues we see more of today, but still have managed to maintain an average lifespan of 11-12.5 years of healthy, happy dogs!

Our Clients

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